What is a Product Manager?

July 11, 2018


"Product Manager는 회사에서 어떤 역활을 하는 것 일까?"

이 질문은 맞기도 하지만 틀리기도 하다. 
프로덕트 메니저의 역활은 회사의 제품과 조직구조와 기타 다른 이유들(회사의 철학, 규모, 문화등)에 따라서 조금씩 다를 것이다.

내가 한국 회사에서 일을 할 때에 프로덕트 메니저는 직급에 따라서 하는 역활이 조금씩 달라졌다. 직급이 놓으면 엔지니어와 관련 부서에 명령을 내리고 결과를 분석하고 승진에 영향을 주기도 하였으며, 지급이 낮은 경우에는 일정 관리자 정도의 역활을 하였다.

해외취업에 대한 관심이 높아지면서 구글과 아마존 같은 글로벌 기업에서의 PM의 역활에는 조금 특별한게 있을 것 같아 그것들을 검색해보았다.

내가 내린 결론은,
 "This is me!"


"What role does the Product Manager play in the company?"


This question is correct, but it is also wrong.

The role of the product manager will vary slightly depending on the company's product and organizational structure and other reasons (company philosophy, size, culture, etc.).

When I was working in a Korean company, the role of the product manager changed according to the level. Positioning gave orders to engineers and related departments, analyzed the results, and influenced the promotion.


As I became more interested in overseas employment, I thought about the role of PM in global companies like Google and Amazon.


My conclusion is,

"This is me!"


A product manager communicates product vision from the highest levels of executive leadership to development and implementation teams. The product manager investigates, selects, and drives the development of products for an organization, performing the activities of product management.


Goolge, Cloud IoT


  • Define and thoughtfully craft critical device features across key user journeys, aligning partner teams on priorities and resource commitments.

  • Align overall strategy and roadmap for new products based on long-term vision, user needs, technical and market trends, and organizational capabilities.

  • Manage product life cycle from inception through to execution and productization.

  • Partner closely with product teams across Google to understand their vision, objectives and opportunities for strategic alignment.

  • Engage with development partners alongside UX, Business Development, Operations, and Engineering teams to select chipsets, reference designs, IP providers, and manufacturing sites.

Goolge, Consumer Hardware


  • Partner closely with Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Finance and other product teams across Google to understand their vision, objectives and opportunities for strategic alignment.

  • Define overall strategy, product roadmap and technical/feature specifications for new products based on long-term product vision, user needs, technical and market trends, and platform capabilities.

  • Manage product life-cycle from inception through to execution, productization and End of Life.

  • Manage the product execution working closely with Engineering, R&D, Industrial Design, Product Design and partner teams to engineer the best experience for our users.

  • Evaluate mechanical design, CMF and production decisions as part of the product development lifecycle.​

Goolge, Google Cloud


  • Maintain an understanding of markets and customer/user requirements.

  • Identify market opportunities, build business cases, and define product vision and strategy for Google Cloud Platform, APIs and key verticals.

  • Work collaboratively with Engineers and advanced technologies.

  • Define, lead, and execute a cohesive global strategy related to a specific product or set of products, collaborating as needed across regions, product areas and functions.

Amazon, Principal Product Manager, Alexa Product Management


  • Develop the vision and strategy for new product categories

  • Set goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for new product launches

  • Lead product management and engineering teams, where appropriate, to achieve these goals

  • Work with Amazon Devices Sales, Marketing and Product Management team to create program-specific strategies

  • Lead weekly, monthly, and quarterly business reviews with key stakeholders across Amazon

  • Share best practices with international teams to expand globally (as applicable)

GE, Sr Product Management Manager 3 - Digital Product Manager


  • Responsible for product line performance with targets on orders, revenue, cost & margin. Identifies and influences market trends and opportunities.

  • Drives vision & strategy, roadmap and product lifecycle for sub business unit and its portfolio of products & solutions.

  • Be a domain/business expert for the portfolio to guide and mentor teams, and establish/refine product management processes.

  • Work cross functionally across engineering, marketing, sales, internal and external customers, analysts and senior management teams to formulate and execute the strategy.

  • Establish and manage relationship across GE businesses & sub-businesses, partners, customers and technical experts across industries and geographies.

  • Establish strong working relationship with account managers, technical sales and user/developer community.

  • Global travel required as necessary.

  • This role is responsible for a industrial optimization products within a broader portfolio of products/solutions with typical revenue influence / target in the range of $10-50M USD per year.

  • Will have strong financial acumen and accountability.

  • Responsible to create strong working relationship & influence across product management, engineering and other stakeholder groups to successfully execute business strategy across GE businesses, partners and customers.

  • Will engage customers as a trusted partner.

  • Cross functional leadership to define and execute the vision and strategy.








































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